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It’s getting to be the time of year when resolutions will be made. Inevitably, many of you will make getting in shape your resolution. This is a big mistake. Make it more concrete. No one has successfully what “in shape” is. A better resolution would be, “I will exercise at least twice a week.” This resolution is measurable so you know when you are failing to meet your goal. With this in mind let’s talk about what it takes to be successful with you exercise plan.

1. Show the hell up. If you don’t get to the gym or park or lace up your shoes you won’t be successful. I tell all the members at Total Victory that if they make it through the door they’ve done the hardest part of the work. Consistency is the key. But as I get older I find that is true with most things. You won’t make progress if you ain’t there.
2. Have a plan. Just working out doesn’t cut it. You will probably get bored and fail at Step 1. If you don’t know how to plan, find a coach or a program (there are several great internet sites out there if you look) to help you along. Even though the programming at Total Victory may seem random, There is a plan.
3. Do the movements in your plan correctly. Too many people put too much emphasis on how much weight is lifted or how fast they move. If you do things correctly consistently the weight and speed will come and you will be less likely to be injured. Injured means training becomes more difficult again making Step 1 difficult.
4. Listen to your coach, mentor, training partner, voices in your head etc. They are all not smarter than you, but may have a different perspective that could be helpful.
5. Simple doesn’t mean easy. I stole this from somewhere, I thing Dan John. If you don’t know who that is, use Google.
6. The way you look is more closely associated to what and how much you put in your face than your exercise regimen. You can be a fit fat person or an unfit skinny person. You want a lean body; you have to eat for it. That doesn’t mean starvation; it means doing some research and experimenting with what works for you.

There you have it six simple things that should help you on your way. If you want it to be simpler (not easy), come and see us at Total Victory CrossFit and you can benefit from joining a group of like-minded people who want you to succeed.

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