Free Samurai Scout Summer Camp Seminar saturday june 1st 2013

For more in depth info about the program :

We here at Total Victory MMA & Fitness are very excited to announce our Summer camp program, the “Samurai Scout” is something that no one has ever seen. After months of planning, cumulative decades of training, and years of experience, we’ve developed the perfect program to not only give your child an excellent self-defense skill, but also valuable scouting skills that will help your child for the rest of their life. This Saturday, June 1st, we are having a Samurai Scout open house for EVERYONE (that’s right, current members and non-members). This FREE open house will have your child learning basic martial arts skills such as a front roll and back roll (to teach your child how to fall without hurting themselves) and grip breaking skills (to help your child defend themselves against a bully or stranger). In addition, your child will also learn basic scouting skills with a rope (basic knots, lashing the rope, and how to tie a whipping knot) that could help them in a survival situation and give them a taste about how the great outdoors can be just as fun and challenging as the newest video game. Please share this event with anyone and everyone that you think may be interested in getting their child into a top-notch summer camp program. Minimum age for the program is 5 years old and the maximum age is 13 years old. Feel free to post any questions or comments in the section below. Make sure to RSVP and share as soon as possible because it’s going to fill up extremely fast.

For any questions feel free to post on the event page, send us a fb message, give us a call at 804-433-3572, or visit and we will contact you!

We can’t wait to see everyone here and to start teaching this program.

PS – We will be holding two more open houses, June 8th and June 15th. Each open house will teach different skills so feel free to bring your child to all three !

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