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With the Summer months already beginning to heat up, more and more kids and parents are looking for something exciting to do for the next few months. Pools are open, schools are out, and unfortunately Parents still have to work, but there has to be something you can give your child to do over the summer. Maybe even a Summer camp in Richmond of some sort. The stereotypical concept of a Summer Camp in Richmond more often than not, shows kids getting onto a bus, leaving for the Summer to a secluded cabin cluster in the woods. While these types of camps still exist, they are becoming more and more scarce due to A combination of a struggling economy and a struggling desire for fitness and outdoor adventures has forced the term, “Summer Camp in Richmond” to evolve into a new program. These new camps almost function like daycare facilities for the child. The parent drops the child off and will pick them up at the end of the day but for the most part the focus stays the same. The Summer camp has a wealth of benefits that not only your child will see, but also you will see changes at home.

How often do we see kids more apt to video games, cell phones, computers, and technology in general that is borderline disturbing to see their fingers move so fast? The sad fact is that most children have shifted to a more sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet that we as a country have already begun to see. There are so many benefits that one’s child can gain from trying out a Summer Camp in Richmond:

1. The child will be shown a whole new wealth of OUTDOOR activities that will not only challenge the mind but the body as well
2. They will be challenged to broaden their social horizons, meeting new people and gaining new friends
3. Your child will gain a better understanding of discipline, through various responsibilities that will be given to them
4. There will be a host of Positive role models, young and old, to help keep your child on the right track throughout the Summer
5. They will understand Diet and nutrition, thus creating a better knowledge of what to and what not to eat
6. THEY WILL HAVE FUN will being in a safe environment with experienced professionals.

The list goes on and on, but even just a taste of the benefits listed is something almost every parent would like to see their child gain. The Summer camp in Richmond program has been around for ages and even though its underwent a few proverbial “renovations”, it is now better than ever. So if you’d like your child to get a wealth of outdoor adventures in water and woods, gain a whole new group of friends, and leave the summer camp taking one more step to being a more mature, more experienced, more respectful child, then a Summer camp in Richmond should definitely be in your priorities for this year!

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE SAMURAI SCOUT SUMMER CAMP PROGRAM, please contact us at 804-433-3572, visit us at, or stop by our facility at 9562 woodman rd. Richmond, Va, 23228!

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  • austin singletary

    Reply Reply May 27, 2013

    great program,cant wait to put my son in it

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