Children's Jiu-jitsu Classes in Richmond VA
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Total Victory

Let us help your child  find Their confidence.

Kid’s Martial Arts In Richmond, VA

Your child/children will develop a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Childrens martial arts will bring excitement to exercising, fitness, and becoming healthy. Many children suffer from obesity in today's fast paced fast food fast internet society. Technology has improved so many areas of life, but it also has changed how our children entertain themselves. Instead of jumping on their bike after school. They jump on the computer or any numerous fancy gadgets. Not every child is obese today, but not physically fit. Their “PLUGGED IN” to something other than physical activity. PE class in many schools is becoming extinct like home economics and shop. PE being replaced for computer time. Don't get me wrong I think our children should be educated on the cutting edge technology. This does put more responsibility on parents to keep their children balanced and healthy. Children's martial arts in Richmond Virginia puts the balance back with preparational training drills ( that seem like games) but are essential to fundamental  martial arts. The foundation of Martial arts consists of REPETITION REPETITION REPETITION. Childrens martial arts will be no different than repeating the same video game level over and over. Your child/children will learn to endure and overcome adversity. Whether it be physical, firm respectful redirection from an instructor, or disappointment not performing required techniques on a belt test ( instructors are keen to know when their students are capable to advance) Unfortunately part of life consists of BLOWS (defeat) Martial arts trains you not only physically, but mentally to take the hits and get back up. Many children's athletic programs today teach enrollment entitles everyone a trophy. This misconception instills in children that they can perform anyway they please and still be rewarded. Childrens martial arts prepares your child to embrace defeat. Blows are the greatest way to learn how to protect yourself. This enables them to relax, maneuver better, and anticipate how to avoid it.