Learn Pioneering skills with the Samurai Scouts in Henrico VA

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Total Victory’s Samurai Scouts Programs Focuses on Martial Arts and Scouting as a fun way to give both boys and girls the opportunity to try new things, get in shape, learn to defend themselves & take part in scouting activities.

In the Scout Movement, pioneering is the mastery of using ropes and wooden spars joined by lashings and knots to create a structure. Pioneering can be used for creating small items including camp gadgets up to even bigger structures like bridges and towers. These can be recreational, ornamental, or functional. [1] [2]
Pioneering is employed to teach practical skills, team effort and problem solving. It is widely used in Scouting and Girl Guiding. Many Scout and Guide groups educate their members in pioneering skills and construct projects, both small and large. In camp, Scouts may create functional items such as tables, camp dressers and gadgets, along with ornamental camp entrances. Pioneering is a common merit badge in many countries, and was required for the Eagle Scout rank in the 1920s and 1930s.

The name originates from the 18th and 19th century military engineers who went ahead of an army to “pioneer” a route, which in turn could include building bridges and towers with rope and timber (for example the Royal Pioneer Corps).

Pioneering skills include knot tying (tying ropes together), lashing (tying spars together with rope), whipping (binding the end of a rope with thin twine), splicing (joining or binding the end of a rope using its own fibers), and techniques related to the use, care and storage of ropes, spars and related pioneering equipment.

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