Youth Mixed Martial Arts with the Samurai Scouts Henrico VA

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Hi and thanks for watching the video and also expressing interest in the American Bushido Children’s Martial Arts program. American Bushido is also part of the Samurai Scouts After School and Summer Camp Programs.
American Bushido Was Formed to Teach Modern-day Self-Defense Techniques While Retaining The Framework Of Traditional Martial Arts.

American Bushido is a combination of 4 different Martial Arts:.


American Bushido teaches the fundamental concepts and techniques of these four Martial Arts in its kid’s program.

Activities such as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, KickBoxing and Wrestling are an interesting way for both boys and girls to obtain physical fitness and focus. Our children martial arts lessons produce real benefits for kids immediately, with results that endure a lifetime. Teachers and mothers and fathers notice a significant difference when children begin taking martial arts lessons – they listen better at home and even do better at school as a result of martial arts.

At Total VIctory, your child will:.

Acheive better focus and self-control.

Learn the importance of courtesy, respect, and cooperation.

Become more self-confident.

Set and achieve goals.

Benefit from exercise and physical fitness.

Develope perseverance – not giving up when confronted with challenges.

Our American Bushido kids program can help a wide range of children, including kids requiring better focus, confidence, listening skills, or simply a fun new activity.

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